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TVLit 101

(Updated 05-08-05)

Category Abbreviations

The Watcher Series (W) - In these stories, Simon Banks is given the designation "Watcher". The details of how this came about can be found in the initial Watcher story, An Essential Friend.

Becoming A Watcher Subseries (W*) - These four stories make up the arc where Simon not only recognizes his position in the Sentinel/Guide world, but accepts it.

The Family Series (F) - These stories involve one or more members of Jim Ellison's "other" family, a watchdog organization of which he is the Elder, second-in-command and "heir to the throne". For details of the Family, read the initial Family story, Shades of Black.

The Supernatural Anthology (S) - These stories are just what they say they are-- supernatural. Whether it is Jim talking to ghosts or Blair taking command of nature, these stories are meant to be taken with an open mind. The first supernatural story is The Haunting.

The Gates of Hell Subseries (GoH) - These stories will be dark, intense, and have a heavy accent on religion in the sense of the supernatural, which is why this is a subseries of the Supernatural stories. All of these will be rated TV-MA as they are liable to have a little bit of everything (sex, violence, language, gore, etc.). Bayou begins this set.

The Music Compilation (M) - These stories are based on songs. Mostly smarmy in nature, plot lines can be very thin in these usually brief tales.

The Alternate Reality Series (AR) - These stories take place in an alternate universe where Jim Ellison is not a big strong cop, but a man who has come to expect the worst of the world. Abused and abandoned by both family and country, Jim finds shelter and perhaps eventually, salvation in a famed attorney named Blair Sandburg. Aggressive, talented, and cocky, Blair lives in a penthouse, and takes on big business with the tenacity of a hawk, yet the finesse of a swan. But his biggest challenge is understanding, and helping, the man living under his roof; how does one teach the concept of freedom to one who has never experienced it? The first Alternate Reality story is A New Day Dawns.

The Traces Collection (TR) - Okay. I wrote Miracles Of Life, and people liked it, and wanted more. So begins the Traces Collection, an AU series of memories featuring the characters from Miracles Of Life. I won't explain further in order not to spoil the story.

The Angela Stories (A) - First introduced in Prodigy, Angela is the "daughter" of Michael and Nikita. She tries hard not to be an obnoxious OFC, and I think she succeeds. Part of the La Femme Nikita Universe.

The Restoration Series (RS) - Restoring Methos a little at a time. It began with Called To Rise. Part of the Highlander: The Series Universe.

The Knowing Series (K) - These are short vignettes wherein someone reflects upon an incident and wonders if another party "knows"all the underlying feelings that are occurring.

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