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May 8, 2005: 2 NEW STORIES!!!!
(Previously Published in the zine Cascade Beyond the Veil 3, available from Skeeter Press)


It was the scent of blood that caught his attention. Acrid, yet sweet—cloying even. It drew him inside the dark space, a place he knew he should avoid. It was as if there were signs all over, shouting to him in flashing colors to run away. Yet the blood called, and he followed.

The Virgin Suicides:

"The Virgin Suicides." Catchy name, except for the fact that at least three of the five victims weren’t virgins and no one was quite sure if they were suicides or not. Five girls found dead in their beds with no known cause of death. No sign of struggle. No marks on their bodies. No trace of drugs. No indication of previous health conditions. According to the autopsy and toxicology reports, these girls shouldn’t be dead.

But they were.

I have neglected these pages long enough, so I'm going to do a little cleaning up. It's going to take a while because there are a lot of stories. Some of my older stories have the wrong email address and some are in funky colors. Some stories have won awards which I've totally neglected to list. Anyway, you might have a program that monitors when bookmarked pages have changed and I just wanted you to be aware that nothing new is being added (for now). I'm just doing some rearranging. So you might want to take me off the "notify if changed" list for a while.

It's and this is TVLit 101 (please check your schedules to make sure you're in the right place), and I'm your host, "Professor" Witherspoon. I'm reluctant to use the word "instructor" because this class is not about learning, but about experiencing, exploring, and enjoying the wonderful world of fan fiction. I have taken the liberty of authoring the texts for this course (see Recommended Reading for other fine examples of TV-based literature), and while none of the texts are required reading, I hope you will take time to sample the offerings at your leisure. If you have any questions or wish to discuss a certain text, you may contact me at any point. The following syllabus will be updated at regular intervals. Enjoy!



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Please Note:

*Disclaimer: All characters, locales, and assorted inventions that you've seen on these various shows belong to the writers, producers, networks, production companies, etc. of each individual show. The only parts that belong to me are occasional story plots and a few side characters.

*All texts are rated TV14: Violence and Language. Some are TVG (or even milder) but the course as a whole is for those mature in television viewing.

Due to longer stories crying to be written, I'm not going to posting as often as I have been. Wanna know when I update?

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