D.L. Witherspoon

(Posted: 02-08-99)

Lilith-- among her epithets: Swift Flying, Storm Wind, Screech Owl, Ugly One, Winged One, Nocturnal One, Childstealer, Strangler, as well as blood sucker, harlot, alien, impure female, witch, hag, snatcher, and enchantress.

This is the third in the Gates of Hell Series, so please read Bayou (#1) and Reckoning (#2) first or you will be terribly lost. These stories are TV-MA: Adult language and situations abound. They are also very dark in nature, very intense, and possess heavily religious content. Note that I say 'religious' and not 'Christian' content; the origins of the supernatural come from a variety of religions, faiths, beliefs, legends, and myths.

WARNING: There is no explicit sex in Lilith, but it is strongly implied. Some people will probably have somewhat of a problem with actions that occur in this story. Although I apologize for offending you, this is the way the story unfolded, and I do not apologize for that. My faithful beta, K, said in reference to a certain part of the story, " It gave me pause for a moment, but then I reminded myself this *is* what *this* Jim would do." Very understanding words, my friend. Thank you.

This is my 50th piece of Sentinel Fan Fiction. [Horns blare. Balloons fall from the ceiling. Is that confetti?] This is also the longest story I've ever attempted (over 300K). Therefore, it's broken into four convenient parts. The links can be found below. There is just the slightest hint of a crossover with Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Also, this is my "Auction Story". I'd like to thank Charity once again for making the outrageous bid of 250 letters. I hope this story makes up for the cramps in your hand. :-)

For those of you who enjoy mindless research, I hope you'll find the following information useful in achieving enjoyment of this story:

**I was amazed at the amount of material that can be found on Lilith on the internet. I went into this story thinking one thing, but ended thinking another. Hence, the layers Lilith acquires as the tale progresses. Some of the sites I visited and borrowed liberally from are: The Invocation of Lilith and Lilith. There are several others and you can find links to them on these pages as well as using AvatarSearch -- The Search Engine of the Occult Internet! Although I borrowed liberally, I also took creative license to a whole new height.

**The supernatural occurrences in the story are the direct fabrications of my deranged brain. No other's brain cells were damaged in the process.

**For Jim's background, I used information found at Nightowl's Sentinel Resource Site and Balzer's Sentinel FANFIC Resources. Thanks for making such information readily available.

**Vague references to The Sentinel episodes Rogue, and Deep Water. There are also references to my own stories, The Haunting, Busman's Holiday, and Speaking For The Dead, as well as the previous two stories in this series. Willow is a character in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer which belongs to Joss Whedon and the Mutant Enemy crew.

**Clarification: Just because my story Errand Of Mercy bore a supernatural (S) designation, that doesn't mean that all Family (F) stories are (S) and that all (S) stories are (F). In other words, this is NOT a Family story.

**Finally, a Special Thanks to all of you for your support . I never would have written 50 stories without your encouragement, ideas, prodding, and threats. :-) When I stumbled upon Sentinel Fanfiction back in September 1997, I never thought I would find so many friends, and so many people who thought like I did. (It's nice to know if I'm crazy, I'm not alone.)

Lilith: The Complete Story OR

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