D.L. Witherspoon

(Posted 11-11-98)

Reckoning: a settling of accounts.

This is a sequel to Bayou and, as such, is the second in what I am now calling the Gates of Hell (GoH) Series which is an offshoot of my Supernatural stories. These stories will be TV-MA, very dark in nature, very intense, and possess heavily religious content. Note that I say 'religious' and not 'Christian' content; the origins of the supernatural come from a variety of religions, faiths, and beliefs. If there is a particular religion dominating the story, I'll try to link you the site(s) where I found the majority of my information. Working on this story, as well as Bayou, I have found the study of religions to be fascinating. But I am not saying these stories are based on any factual events or beliefs. I have borrowed elements here and there to create something totally fictitious. So please, don't make me pull a Salmon Rushdie and go into hiding.

This is another long one, well, much longer than I expected it to be, so it's broken into three somewhat even parts. I've explained before why I do this and I hope it's only mildly annoying to those who could download the entire thing. Oh, and since I can't stand it when I'm not warned about even the smallest bit of a crossover- The Millennium Group makes a brief appearance.

I hope you'll find the following useful:

*Information on Angels can be found all over the internet. The particular sites I used are no longer available, but I'm sure a search engine could unearth several for you.

*I found Zoroastrianism to be a fascinating subject. You can get basic information and links to other sites from the Religious Tolerance Organization. It's a great place to start when searching for information on religions.

*The Ouroboros is a familiar symbol to the Chris Carter crowd. For more information check your favorite search engine.

*The supernatural occurrences in the story are the direct result of a brain damaged by too much late-night television. If you are offended, please sue Hollywood, not me. They have tons more money. Besides, it seems to be the only way they can get publicity lately.

*A brief reference to The Sentinel episode Remembrances. There are also references to my own stories: Bayou, of course, The Haunting, Speaking For The Dead, and Extreme Possibilities.

*All disclaimers apply including those for The Sentinel (Pet Fly Productions), MillenniuM (1013 Production and the master Chris Carter), The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (Disney Studios), Game Boy (Nintendo) and PlayStation (Sony). If I missed anyone, my apologies.

*Finally, a SPECIAL THANKS to all of you for your patience. It took me longer to finish this piece than I had planned.

Whole Story: Reckoning

Part 1: Chapters 1 - 5

Part 2: Chapters 6 - 10

Part 3: Chapters 11-15